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Hévéa specialises in the sales and marketing of tree-care equipment from the biggest names in the business—PETZL, BEAL, COURANT, CAMP, CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY, DMM, ISC, COUSIN-TRESTEC, TAZ, ARBORTEC, SIP PROTECTION, SIOEN, FRANCITAL, ROSTAING, LEBON, ATG, HAIX, ANDREW, ARBPRO, LIROS, NEOFEU, PFANNER, BERGER, and SILKY, to name just a few.
Our designers are bona fide tree-care workers themselves and have greatly contributed to the expansion of our company since 1999 by doing their best to meet your expectations. Our vast range of equipment complies with standards and ensures safety and comfort. Expert tree-care workers impartially select the products we offer on our website.

Hévéa is the exclusive distributor of the FTC TREE brand in France. FTC TREE designs innovative equipment and anticipates the needs of tree-care professionals.

Hévéa also distributes information far and wide about the best practices in tree-care work. We contribute financially to national campaigns organised by the Société Française d'Arboriculture (SFA) to fight against radical pruning and preserve our national tree heritage.

Hévéa supports scientific and naturalist missions—most notably through programs in the EnQuête d'Arbres and Cafotrop organisations—to promote and conserve biodiversity. Our goal is to disseminate scientific knowledge to raise public awareness regarding environmental conservation and preservation. Hévéa provides climbing equipment to scientists to access canopies within large tropical forests.

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