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Dust insecticide for wasps, Asian hornets, crawling insects - DIPTER

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Easy-to-use dust insecticide

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The 1015P dust insecticide kills wasps, Asian hornets, crawling insects, and snakes. It allows treatment of areas where nests cannot be reached (roofs, walls, chimneys) or where liquid sprays are not recommended (inside homes) or could be dangerous (electric wiring).

The product remains effective for several weeks. Its delayed effect allows time for insects to return to the nest and spread the product throughout the colony. The active ingredient gives it a wide range of effectiveness and lastingness as an insecticide.

It remains fully effective even after long-term storage in its original packaging.

How does it work?

    • Spray the powder in areas where the insects go.
    • When they enter the area, they pass through the powder and then bring it back to the nest.
    • The powder will spread throughout the nest and kill all of the insects.

Practical information:

    • Comes in 6 kg and 20 kg buckets.

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