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1015B Insecticide Pellets (PILP)

Wasps, Asian Hornets, flying insects - DIPTER

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The DIPTER BALL 1015B insecticide pellets used with the Long-Reach Insecticide Sprayer (PILP) provide immediate and definitive destruction of wasps and Asian Hornets in high areas, without using a ladder or lift. The 100% biodegradable, .68-calibre pellets carry the active ingredients when sprayed into nests.    

The pellets have environmentally friendly shells that are sensitive to moisture and temperature variations. 100% ecological gel paint aids in seeing the impact of the pellets as the insecticide spreads through nests. The sun and rain eradicate the paint over time.

The pellets contain active and efficient pyrethroid insecticides to combat all insects, including Asian hornets. Optimised concentration of the ingredients guarantees rapid results with a low impact on the environment. 

Store and use the pellets at 20°C.

The pellets must be stored and used at a temperature of 20°C. While the air temperature can be colder or warmer, the pellet must be at 20°C. 
Lower or higher temperatures during storage or use can weaken the shell of the pellets, causing bursting when in storage or exploding during use with the Long-Reach Insecticide Sprayer (PILP) or before reaching the target.

If this happens, you must clean the trigger lever and the nozzle before using the pellets again at their proper temperature. 


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  • Patented product
  • Pack of 500 pellets

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